eBusiness eliminates costly errors and missed opportunities.

IAS eRating, eContracting and eRemit are available using IAS tools such as SmartMenu and EREC but also with several third party menus including MenuVantage, Impact Group, Vision of F&I and third party portals such as F&I Express and Open Dealer Exchange.


Various IAS software tools are linked to IAS and other product providers for one-click retrieval of eligible ancillary and other F&I programs eliminating rating errors and reducing chargebacks. eRating is available for more than twenty leading service contract companies such as CNA, Warranty Solutions, Protective and UWC.


The IAS eContract generation process creates a mistake free laser printable form and also registers all customer, lender, and vehicle information immediately at the time of sale. Using this efficient contracting process, the dealer eliminates outdated forms, saves form programming costs that are usually paid to DMS companies, and greatly simplifies the remittance process in the business office. And since consumer confirmation is registered at the time of contract generation, it is immediately available to IAS in case a claim occurs prior to remittance.


IAS dealers can generate a paperless and automatic remittance based on eContracts generated by F&I managers. The electronic remit register is automatically generated once the business office decides which contracts are to be remitted. Electronic remittance allows for a drastically faster and error-free accounting process.

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