Cancellation Calculator




Form Type is the character(s) preceded by a hyphen on the bottom right hand corner of the contract.


Contract Number is the combination of the Form Type and the numbers to the right of the hyphen. Example: Form Type = G2, Contract Number = G2123456.

Open the calendar popup.
Open the calendar popup.
Reason Required items
Customer request Customer signature
Voided sale Copy of Policy
Repossession Repossession letter from lein holder
Total loss Proof of Total Loss
Contract payoff Proof of Payoff
Traded vehicle Customer signature or odometer statement
Refinanced Proof of refinancing
Other, enter reason:

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Disclaimer: The amount calculated as "% of Refund Due" is dependent upon the cancellation date of the contract and contingent upon date of receipt at IAS and will only be backdated up to 30 days from the date of receipt.


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