• "It's not just F&I training. They train our BDC managers our sales people, they train our sales managers. It's a total package of training. And they don't only just train and send on their way. They come every week or two weeks to inspect and make sure all the processes we put in place are still being worked and still in place."

    Seth Wadley | Dealer Principle

    Seth Wadley Auto Group

  • "One thing you guys do real well is train. I love sending my people because I know they come back focused and if they have issues with overcoming objections, I can send them back to school. I believe that separates your company from some of the other companies I've worked with or have knowledge of ... is your training process."

    Michael Rentscheler | General Manager

    Jim Norton Auto Group

  • "I've been to multiple, multiple training classes over the years with our F&I people, with our managers, with our salespeople and the training is very good, very in depth training. It is information that the salespeople and the F&I people can come back and put to use immediately."

    Mark St. John | General Manager

    Jim Norton Auto Group

Sales Training Courses

  • "By far the best training course I have ever attended. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to take their career to the next level."

  • "The tools given to overcome objections to me can be life changing if they are applied properly. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course."

  • "I really enjoyed the excitement that was brought to the class. I was ready to learn each day and also was excited to hear the news stories that kept my attention. This is by far the best class I have every been to."

  • "I have learned more in this class than in my entire sales career. The instructor is a real expert in this field and his teaching methods are as good as my best professors throughout college. I couldn't have asked for a better training program."

  • "There is no reason that you should not take this class. Managers and salespeople will benefit from it. It was by for the best training course I have ever been to."

F&I Training Courses

  • "This is the best course I have taken in my life. It completely changed my outlook on everything."

  • "Thanks for the pay raise."

  • "This course is going to change my life."

  • "This course was fantastic! I can use this information and training in more than just at work."

  • "I have been to several F&I classes and this has been by far the most unique, entertaining and informative class I've attended."

  • "The instructors made the class fun but also very informative by expanding my mind and the way I think."