Custom aftermarket products

Since 1984, IAS has offered the highest-quality F&I products in the industry and backed them up with the finest quality administration and claims that exceed industry standards. IAS has diligently worked to distinguish itself as the organization dealers look to when they need quality products and services that surpass expectations – services that look to your future and products designed to protect it.

The IAS product line is fully insured by an "A" rated company and is eligible for participation in the IAS RE reinsurance program.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, IAS has facilities that allow for self sufficient operations including claims administration, warranty processing, graphic and multimedia design, and software support and development. In addition, IAS has certified agents throughout the United States providing technology solutions and aftermarket products for many of the top-100 dealer groups.

Customized Graphic Design

IAS staffs a full-service graphics department that is available to customize a variety of point-of-sale pieces for agents and dealers. With everything from laminates and brochures to window decals and mirror hangers, the IAS graphics department can customize professional-looking marketing materials at a fraction of the cost to help you maximize your selling potential.

All IAS product warranties must be purchased from an issuing dealer. Please see your dealer for more information.

IAS products vary by state, form, and date. Information contained on this web page is general information only. Please see contract for the specific terms and conditions of coverage.

IAS Warranty, Inc. licensed as a Protection Product Guarantee Provider (#500062) in the state of WA.
Global Auto Solutions, Inc. licensed as a Service Contract Provider (#500988) in the state of WA.
IAS Warranty Services of Florida, Inc. licensed as a Service Contract Provider (#501135) in the state of WA