F&I Management

We can't change the world. But we can change your F&I department.

We recognize the positive impact that F&I can have on your dealership financial statement. That's why IAS provides F&I management teams who work side by side with your team to build your business, solve problems quickly and effectively, and provide continuous support for top performance achievement.

The IAS dealer development teams are in constant communication with F&I, sales management and sales training to establish ongoing best practices for recruiting the right profile for openings and making sure all employees are properly trained. In addition, The F&I Management teams work with the dealership to structure compensation plans that reward success while establishing accountability standards that manage the behaviors that drive results.

Dealerships who partner with the IAS F&I Management teams have first line access to the renowned IAS Training Institute for ongoing performance enhancement. In addition, our teams make proprietary reporting easy to read and emphasize compliance in all that we do.

Let our F&I Management teams work with your dealership to realize a true partnership for success.

Sampling of current dealers we have under F&I Management:

  • Bob Hurley Auto Group, OK
  • Pack Automotive Group, TX
  • Sherwood Auto Group, MD
  • Zeck Automotive, KC, MO
  • Hudiburg Auto Group, OK
  • Southwest Automotive Group, TX
  • Germain Automotive Group, OH
  • Paul Miller Automotive Group, KY
  • Grimsley Auto Group, TX
  • Reynolds Auto Group, OK
  • Hi Country Auto Group, NM
  • Johnson Brothers Group, TX
  • McCallan Group, CA