DTC Marketing

IAS Dealer-Branded Direct to Consumer Marketing

Under the IAS Dealer-Branded Direct to Consumer Marketing (DTC) Marketing program, IAS uses customer data provided by auto dealerships to remarket VSCs and other IAS products. Your dealership will benefit from $0 cost marketing of your brand using email, direct mail, and customized web pages with product information.

Increase Customer Loyalty with IAS Dealer-Branded DTC Marketing

Drive business back into your dealership and through your service drive, with a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity from IAS. Third party companies will continue to market VSCs to your customers. Build brand loyalty with your own customized and branded marketing pieces from IAS.

How Dealer-Branded DTC Marketing Works

Customers who purchased a car without VSC, visited the service drive without a VSC, or purchased an expired VSC are targeted through branded direct mail and branded emails during specific time intervals.

The customer then calls our IAS call center or stops by your dealership to request information about coverage and pricing.

Profit from Missed Opportunities

  • 55% of consumers do not purchase VSC coverage at the point of sale.
  • 100% of consumers have a warranty that will expire and they can use coverage renewal.
  • All customers are receiving multiple offers for VSC coverage from non-dealer affiliated sales centers with a key sales pitch of “You can use the dealer or any other ASE certified repair facility.”
  • If a consumer buys VSC coverage from the dealership, they are more likely to use the dealer service bays.
  • Only 30-40% of customers currently purchase their next car from the same dealership but by sending them marketed materials, they are more likely to return to your shop.
  • If your consumer buys a third-party VSC, your dealership not only loses income, but you also run the risk of a customer losing touch with a dealership. The bottom line is our IAS Dealer-Branded DTC Marketing program increases traffic into dealership service bays, F&I departments, and your showroom, while distributing $0 cost dealer-branded marketing materials on your behalf.

Additional Program Benefits

  • You will receive a payment for each funded VSC sold to your customers.
  • Your free branded marketing will increase foot traffic into your stores, along with phone inquiries about the offers
  • You will be assigned a dealer concierge, who will serve as a product expert and provide exclusive program training to your team.
  • The service comes at $0 cost to your dealership. You simply provide approval for us to use your customer data.