Autosoft, Inc. Certifies IAS for Integration with FLEX DMS

Autosoft, Inc. Certifies IAS for Integration with FLEX DMS

Getting certified with FLEX DMS is fast, comprehensive for integration partners

Monday, March 30, 2015

WEST MIDDLESEX, PA – March 30, 2015: Autosoft, Inc., a leading national dealer management systems (DMS) provider, announced that IAS has completed the FLEX Connect certification process and has released certified integration with Autosoft's FLEX DMS for the IAS SmartDealerProducts.

The SmartDealerProducts suite from IAS includes SmartMenu, a fully web-based menu application. F&I managers can view a real time "what you see is what you get" menu preview, showing each package payment as well as base payments and final menu previews. F&I managers can benefit from access to payment rolling, dynamic sales tools, and electronic rating and contracting of warranty products from many of the largest F&I product providers. "We are pleased that the FLEX Connect certification process went so smoothly," said Matt Nowicki, Vice President of Retail Software for IAS. "It took us only 45 days to develop the integration and receive certification from Autosoft – which was less time than it took to develop a certified interface to any other dealer management system." Integration with Autosoft's DMS is driven by third-party partners like IAS; the APIs used are robust and well documented. Use of an automated test environment expedites the testing phase, and Autosoft technical staff provides all partners with comprehensive support. Integration can be completed, fully tested, certified, and ready to roll out in less than a month in many circumstances.

"Our FLEX Connect design philosophy makes it easy for third parties such as IAS to partner with us," said Christopher Morris, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Autosoft. "Our design is based on STAR standards, all data is in industry standard XML format, and third parties aren't restricted in selecting which data is made available to fuel their processes. We're delighted to welcome IAS to our FLEX Connect community."

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