Comprehensive and Customizable Solutions to Dominate your Market


There are so many choices in F&I, but only IAS offers dealerships one source for a compelling and complete F&I solution. IAS has been the leading provider of F&I solutions since 1984 with hundreds of certified agents throughout the United States providing proven, practical F&I solutions for many of the Top-100 dealer groups.

How our Solutions Work

We can't change the world. But we can change your F&I department.

We recognize the positive impact that F&I can have on your dealership financial statement. That's why IAS provides continuous on-site dealership support, including employee hiring and training. Our team of experts will work side by side with your team to build your business, solve problems quickly and effectively, and encourage top performance.

Over thirty years of experience in value added custom aftermarket.

IAS offers a complete line of market driven programs that can be customized, mixed and even bundled for your customers to purchase – and offers both six and seven year coverage terms for most programs. Plus, the IAS product line is fully insured by an "A" rated insurance company.

The Road is an Adventure. Enjoy the Ride with Millennium.

Provide your customers the most advanced automotive protection plans available with Millennium. Our dealer programs and exclusive protection plans are nationally recognized for their excellence and comprehensiveness. The Millennium VSC Suite offers programs designed to exceed the standards set in every segment including factory programs, mainstream independents and even high mileage or other specialty programs.

SmartDealerProducts. Technology solutions for more efficient, profitable and portable F&I since 2001.

The SmartDealerProducts software suite consists of the SmartPad tablet-based interview and survey software, SmartMenu professional menu selling software featuring DMS integration and multi-lingual functionality, SmartEye digital recording software designed for legality and quality assurance and SmartP.R.U. an advanced data-driven F&I reporting tool.

Everyone has training. The IAS Training Institute is a Revolution.

High potential, low potential and everywhere in between will find their way to perform at the highest levels when they leave the IAS Training Institute. Uncover their best leadership style by providing them the tools they need to reach unparalleled levels of success.

Turn-key Reinsurance. Maximize profits while minimizing risk.

The IAS complete custom aftermarket product line is eligible for participation in the comprehensive reinsurance solutions crafted by IAS.

  • 100% of underwriting profits and 100% of investment income.
  • Creates an asset that you own. Not a retro or self insured.
  • Create a new company or reinsure IAS programs into an existing company.


Promote and sell VSC and ancillary products both in the dealership and after the point of sale. This revolutionary program allows your dealership to compete and profit from the growing market for VSCs and ancillary products after the purchase of a vehicle. This program also keeps your dealership top of mind for your customers, increasing visits to the service drive and return visits to purchase new vehicles. Your dealer concierge will ensure custom branding for each dealership, training for dealership staff, and proactive reporting to keep you informed.


  • The IAS windshield program is the best program out there in terms of coverage for the customer. It's also easiest to work with from an administrative standpoint. The staff at IAS is great and problems get taken care of immediately. The claims experience is excellent. The IAS windshield program doesn't have a lot of exclusions that other programs have.

    Mark N., IAS Agent

  • The IAS instructors at SmartDealerUniversity are credible and 'real car guys'. I felt passion and interest from their approach.

    Leon B., Recent SDU Attendee

  • Excellent service. Received settlement within days.

    Peter H.

  • My claim for a new tire was approved instantly with absolutely no questions asked. I was told to go to the dealership, which I did and they handled it all. No out of pocket or decuctibles. Thank you!

    Randy S.

  • Easy to work with. Paid claim promptly. Friendly and helpful customer service reps.

    Marilyn G.